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c147.gif (5069 bytes)Birthday WAVS


BLUEBALL.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/bday00.wav

GREENBAL.gif (934 bytes)Birthday/bday01.wav

PINKBALL.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/bday02.wav

REDBALLO.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/bday03.wav

BLUEBALL.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/bday04.wav

GREENBAL.gif (934 bytes)Birthday/bday05.wav

PINKBALL.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/bday06.wav

REDBALLO.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/bday07.wav

BLUEBALL.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/bday08.wav

GREENBAL.gif (934 bytes)Birthday/bday09.wav

PINKBALL.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/bday10.wav

REDBALLO.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/bday11.wav

BLUEBALL.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/bday12.wav

GREENBAL.gif (934 bytes)Birthday/bday13.wav

PINKBALL.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/bday14.wav

REDBALLO.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/bday15.wav

BLUEBALL.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/bday16.wav

GREENBAL.gif (934 bytes)Birthday/bday17.wav

PINKBALL.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/bday18.wav

REDBALLO.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/BDay19.wav

BLUEBALL.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/Bday20.wav

GREENBAL.gif (934 bytes)Birthday/BDay21.wav

PINKBALL.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/Bday22.wav

REDBALLO.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/Bday23.wav

BLUEBALL.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/BDay24.wav

GREENBAL.gif (934 bytes)Birthday/BDay25.wav

PINKBALL.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/Bday26.wav

REDBALLO.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/BDay27.wav

BLUEBALL.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/bdaysuit.wav

GREENBAL.gif (934 bytes)Birthday/Birthday Cake Polka - Sheriff John Put Another Candle on My birthday Cake, I'm another year old today (more).wav

PINKBALL.gif (935 bytes)Birthday/Birthday Rap - It's Birthday Time it's such a thrill don't be sad you're over the hill you've got many more years to come, we love you, you're number one.wav

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